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Free WiFi Catalina is an initiative of Lokket Inc. It’s our mission to bring Free WiFi access to as many people in our community as we can reach.
We believe that universal, secure, fair access to high-speed internet that doesn't track you and sell your browsing history for is critical to our shared vision of a healthy, safe and prosperous city.
A connected community will help support local economies by connecting residents and guests with local businesses that share our same vision.


Sponsored by, Silver Seas Yachts.

Silver Seas Yachts is not only a premium yacht dealer committed to you, they also support us to provide Free WiFi for the boating community.

Aquarius Yacht Services

Aquarius Yacht Services is another of of wonderful sponsors that helps make Free WiFi available to. Aquarius Yacht Services can handle all you needs to keep your vessel ready for any season.

Let's be clear.
We don't sell your data.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.

Our supporters Wall of Fame.

Catalina Island

Visit the Catalina Island Chamber of Commerce website to find all the island information you need and support local businesses.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I use it at home or work?

    Feel free to use the service anywhere you can, just don't get in trouble from the boss.

  • Where can I connect?

    We are currently rolling out services in the USA, coming soon are Australia, Philippines and Canada.

  • How are we doing this?

    We are working with like minded community partners and sponsors to develop a self-sustaining model that helps all residents and visitors.

  • How fast is the connection?

    Our family friendly Free WiFi service is fast enough for all your browsing needs and becomes faster as we get more sponsors.

  • Are there restrictions?

    Yes, in order to protect sensitive users we do our best to filter inappropriate content on our Free Public WiFi. The service also restricts some high bandwidth applications such as streaming services in order to grant fair access to everyone.

  • What is fingerprinting?

    Every computer can pretty much be identified by its unique collection of characteristics such as the configuration of software, plug-ins and files that exist on the device. By reading how the operating system and hardware respond to certain browser actions, internet companies can create a unique identifier for the user. Cookies used to be the preferred way to track users online, but the same result can be achieved with browser fingerprinting, when your cookies are turned off and even when you’ve enabled incognito mode.